I’ve been on a bit of a video spree this morning

and here are some of the interesting ones:

Mc Lars – Signing Emo
This song combines two of the very worst music genres in existence, rap and emo-rock, yet somehow it is one of the catchiest, cleverest and best singles of the year so far. It was released a few weeks ago but you’ll be lucky to find it in any shops. However, he has had a little Radio 1 airplay and been on MTV in the US, so perhaps we’ll be seeing more of him soon. I think he could do extremely well.

Ryan Cabrera – 40 Kinds Of Sadness
You may think that the title of ‘silliest hair in pop’ belongs to one of the Noise Next Door or that bloke out of Good Charlotte, but you would be. The proud owner is in fact this young man. These cheesy John Mayer for 10-year-olds boys like Ryan and and Jesse McCartney seem to be the closes thing to boyband pop allowed into the US charts at the moment. This song is quite a sweet guitar-pop number, but could it be any less memorable?

Aaron Bayley – I Didn’t Plan To Love You
Yes, this IS Aaron off Pop Idol, and yes he is at least 3 years too late with this single. It’s not horrible and he is a pretty good singer but really was this project ever going to get anywhere? I hope he has not put too much money into it, cos he won’t be making any.

Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha
It’s good to have a new girl band on the scene, even if they are far too ‘urban’ for my liking. The video is very cool and the song is a bit of a grower, but they’ll need to make something far more poptastic before I’m a fan. It’s also spoiled a bit by Busta Rhymes’ presence on the new version (the original was just the girls).

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