Future Stars: Hurricane Love (Playground Music)

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There’s a type of uplifting, inviting camaraderie that you only find in Scandinavian girl/boy bands – Alphabeat, I’m From Barcelona, Alcazar… and ABBA of course! Hurricane Love are the latest group to carry on that tradition. I’ve known of them since 2012, when singer Rasmus Viberg (a previous Melodifestivalen entrant who has just joined the band) emailed me to introduce them – it was one of the rare occasions where this happens and the band is actually good! They list their influences as Coldplay and Mumford & Sons, but don’t let that put you off. Their music is catchy, fun and definitely pop. I was particularly impressed by Rasmus' vocals, but his fellow lead singer Nina Knutsson also held her own. My favourite of their songs in the anthemic Only Human, which they jumped around and rocked out to at the end of their set, and the new single Nowhere To Go is another strong track. Perhaps they’re not cool enough to break out of Sweden (acts like this don’t seem to succeed much in the Hype Machine age) but they’re definitely good enough. Whatever happens, they’re having a great time anyway.


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