Future Stars: Tove Styrke (Sony RCA)

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It might seem strange to my long-term readers to see Tove Styrke here, as we’ve all been fans for five years. But she’s no longer a teenager, and her new music is coming from a different perspective, with a new team in place and international aspirations. Her debut album balanced an unpretentious dance-pop sound, in tracks like White Light Moment, with the trendy blog-friendly side of Swedish music, in songs such as Million Pieces. Most indie blogs missed her at the time, but her potential was clear. While the idea of a pretty young girl making choices to please the male “musos” who think they run the online music scene is quite creepy, I’m glad Tove is getting more acclaim, and I hope this new direction is what she wants. At her gig in Sweden, my aim was to consider her as a new artist, with a clean slate… and I was impressed. The new songs are good, especially current single Ego, and I look forward to the album. She’ll never perform like Gaga or Katy or even Robyn, but Tove’s look, style, voice and songs make her an interesting pop star whose career I’ll always follow. I do wish we could merge her with Tove Lo to create one Super Tove, though.


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