Free Mixtape: Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! Vol. 1

Giving away free MP3s is a brilliant way for artists to get their music onto the iPods of potential fans. These days it’s not just a random remix or album filler track but some of the best songs of the year that you can legally download for free. I’ve compiled ten of the best tracks recently given away by some of pop’s brightest stars to create a free MP3 mixtape just for you. Enjoy and make sure to research the artists more if you like them!

Download Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! Vol. 1


  1. Talay Riley – Fairytale
  2. Oh My! – Kicking and Screaming
  3. Tennis – Is It True
  4. Amanda Mair – Doubt
  5. Family of the Year – St. Croix
  6. Diana Vickers – Music To Make The Boys Cry
  7. Foxes – Youth
  8. The Charlies – Let That Body Breathe
  9. Icona Pop – Manners
  10. CSS – Hits Me Like A Rock
Click each artist’s name to visit their website.

NB: All of these tracks have been made available online for free. However, if you respresent one of these artists and would not like their song to be included in this mixtape, please email me and I will remove it.

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