This Must Be Pop brings you Future Pop! (Issue #12)

Hello and welcome to the twelfth Future Pop mailer from This Must Be Pop! Future Pop is a weekly email featuring the hottest new pop songs and artists that you need to know about. If you haven’t subscribed yet then do so here, then read on, listen up and make sure you tweet me @poptastic to let me know what you think of my picks!

This Must Be Pop Live!

As you may have heard, This Must Be Pop Live is back next week! On Tuesday 17th Jan, Oh My!, Luminites and Katie Sky will be performing at The Workshop in Hoxton and I’d love to see you there. Click here to find out more and let me know if you’re coming.

Future Stars

Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go are a teen rock-pop group who recently signed to Warner Bros in the US, and posted the cutest video to announce it. They are three brothers and one sister aged between 12 and 18, the girl (Sydney, 14) being the Taylor Swift-esque lead singer. The two older boys, Noah (15) and Jamie (18), should appeal to the teen girl fans, but I think they stand a good chance of reaching a broader fanbase too as they have genuine musical talent, playing instruments and writing their own songs. The Hanson of the 2010s, perhaps?


Well, this is confusing – Tinashe is a new US female artist, who will not be appreciated by the UK male artist Tinashé if she becomes successful! Tinashe the girl was lead singer of a group called The Stunners (formed by Vitamin C!) from 2007 to 2010 and now, age 19, is launching a solo career. She is planning to release a mixtape with the lead single Chainless already on iTunes. It’s a bit serious R&B for my tastes (I prefer the sweeter, poppier Can’t Say No) but she’s clearly got huge popstar potential.

L Marshall was featured simply as L on Wretch 32’s Traktor, singing the hook of the song, and he also wrote Loick Essien’s hit How We Roll. He’s now signed up to Crown management and recently released his first mixtape for free online. The promotional single for the mixtape is called The Wait, and it caught my attention as it’s a very interesting and original R&B track, which is certainly on trend at the moment thanks to Tinie Tempah and Labrinth. I actually think it’s my favourite of this sub-genre, after the Labrinth-penned Love Drunk by Loick Essien.

Future Hits

This week’s playlist is made up of songs that I think are going to put previous Future Pop picks on the map!

  • DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
  • Angel ft. Wretch 32 – Go In, Go Hard
  • Ariana Grande – Put Your Hearts Up
  • Sub Focus ft. Kenzie May – Falling Down
  • Scissor Sisters ft. Krystal Pepsy (Azealia Banks) – Shady Love
Thanks for reading – I’ll be back next Monday with more Future Pop! In the meantime keep reading the blog for loads more like this and don’t forget to email and tweet me with your thoughts on the songs and artists above, and any suggestions for next week. Plus it would be great if you could pass the message on to anyone you think might enjoy Future Pop and encourage them to subscribe.


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