Future Stars: Ekkah (Unsigned)

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

The best way to discover new artists at The Great Escape is to take a chance on something that sounds interesting. That’s what I did with Ekkah, and it totally paid off. They are a girl duo from Birmingham called Rebecca and Rebekah (hence the name), and their music is electro-disco-pop. My favourite thing about their set was the dance routines, which are a sadly rare occurrence at TGE. They even reminded me a bit of Bananarama, which definitely needs to be a reference for more new artists. Their original tracks were all strong and I loved their cover of Forget Me Nots (the song famously sampled in Will Smith’s Men in Black). So far no record deal has been announced, but I hear they have strong interest from major labels.


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