Song of the Week: Echosmith – Let’s Love

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Last week was a great week for gigs, as I saw two of my favourite indie-pop acts live in London: Many Things and Echosmith. I originally featured Echosmith in Future Pop in 2012 when they were YouTube stars going by the name Ready Set Go, they had just signed to Warner Bros and their youngest member was just 12 years old. Since then they’ve built a following both online and through live shows, such as the famous Warped Tour. Their breakthrough hit Cool Kids is currently in the top 20 songs streamed on Spotify worldwide, and in the top 30 of the Shazam global chart. I’m hoping its UK release date will be pushed back from 22nd December to January, so it has more of a chance of making the UK singles chart. However, I thought I’d feature one of their less well-known tracks, a new discovery for me, as Song of the Week. Let’s Love was the first song they played at their Camden Barfly gig, and it was a great introduction to the group as its happy teenage vibe and indie-poptastic quality sums up what’s special about Echosmith.


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