Comebacks Continued

Joanna – Let It Slide (Video)
I posted this brilliant song on Into The Groove a few months ago, and at last it is getting a proper release in the USA, with its video premiering today on TRL. Joanna was originally known as Joanna Pacitti and her biggest success was having a song on the Legally Blonde soundtrack (the poptastic Watch Me Shine), but now she’s getting a proper go at being a big star and seems to have lots of money behind her as a major artist of the Geffen record label. Let It Slide deserves to be huge, a mix of pop and rock and much better than any of Lindsay or Hilary’s recent singles. Her album This Crazy Life is also out now in the USA and hopefully here soon too, cos it sounds pretty good.
Chance of success: 70%

Soul Avengerz ft. Javine – Don’t Let The Morning Come
Poor Javine may not be quite so poor much longer if this new dance music direction takes off. I know nothing about Soulavengerz but I do know she’s been promoting this in Ibiza and it’s received some Radio 1 airplay which is quite a feat for our Jav. To be honest it could be any dance-pop diva singing this track, but I’m glad Javine is getting some work and airplay at last and it’s a good summery track although not the best dance-pop song of the moment – that honour of course goes to September’s Satellites.
Chance of success: 80%

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