Oh my God, they’re back again!

Suddenly every pop act ever wants to make a comeback from the dumper. Lets have a look at the contenders:

Just Jack – Writer’s Block (Video)
No-one took much notice of Just Jack when he released his strangely brilliant first album The Outer Marker in 2002, save for a few lazy comparisons to Mike Skinner. I took a liking to his singles Paradise Lost and Snowflakes, so when I saw the album for £1.99 I had to give it a try and it was a very pleasant surprise, a relaxing, thought-provoking and original take on British urban music. I thought he’d given up and become a plumber, so I was quite delighted to see an e-mail from him (or his promotions team anyway) appear in my inbox today, and even more so to find his music is as good as ever with a really great new video and single. Maybe I’m completely mad for liking this guy but I’m sure I won’t be the only one so do give him a chance, you never know, you might soon be his 3rd fan (after me and his mum).
Chance of success: 75%

Gina G – Tonight’s The Night
After almost a decade of promising a return to the pop scene, Gina finally is releasing a new single in the UK. It’s a fab little pop-dance tune, but it’s incredibly dated and not as good as the single she recorded and released abroad with Elemental a few years ago. If that didn’t take off here then surely this won’t either, but I’m happy to be proven wrong. Gina did after all produce one of the UK’s greatest ever Eurovision entries (after Bardo of course), as well as the fab pop album Fresh, and she seems like a jolly nice and hard-working lady, but I do think she might be better off giving up if this one doesn’t get anywhere.
Chance of success: 15%

Blazin’ Squad – All Night Long (Video)
When I heard that the remaining members of the Squad, meaning those who’d not followed Mr McKenzie into the world of half-heartedly going indie (one of Friday Hill’s songs was once quite seriously referred to as “indie” on CD:UK), were continuing the band and planning a comeback, I thought it was a joke but I was clearly mistaken because they really are back. Sadly apart from the line-up little has changed and they’re still totally boring, returning with a song that sounds just like that one where they all sat around the swimming pool – quite appropriate considering Rocky B/MC Plat’num’s future on The Games. However, this new version has Melo-D on lead vocals, a sign of the times if ever there was one. Saddest of all, I can still remember all the names of the remaining members: Plat’num, Melo-D, Spike-E and scary by name, scary by nature… it’s Reepa! I almost miss the glory days of Sneak and TOTP Saturday now, and the rather amusing revelation that they got 10 GCSEs between them, 9 of which belonged to Tommy B, the shy-seeming DJ (how exactly a DJ fits into a boyband I never did quite figure out).
Chance of success: 5%

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