New Pop On The Block

James Morrison – Wonderful World (Video – a special Dirrrty Pop one too!)
This was the song which interested me in James Morrison when I saw him performing on MTV a few months ago. It reminded me of Gavin DeGraw, and although James didn’t turn out to have as much ace music as Mr DeGraw (whose album is amazing, in case you didn’t know) I do still like this track. The video is a bit random, with a woman writhing around in a colourful dressing gown-esque outfit, so if you can work out how it’s related to the song it would be nice to know.

Sugababes – Easy (Video)
I can’t decide what I think of this song. Parts of it I love, while other parts I strongly dislike. If it was as good all the way through as it is in certain parts, then I would be a fan, but as it is it’s just another ‘quite good’ Sugababes single. It’s weird how used to Amelle I am already, when this is only the 3rd single she’s been in and the last one was a disaster. My favourite is still Siobhan of course, as it always has been.

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