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Yesterday I gave you my top 10 reasons why I adore Sweden’s Idol series, and today I want to share with you the 10 best contestants of Idol 2010 so far. I won’t write about them all individually, but they are all very much worth watching. From X Factor so far this year I’d only say one or two acts have been at the level (of talent and interestingness) of these 10. Usually in my posts about Idol I’m obsessing over the beautiful Swedish boys, but oddly this year I haven’t been particularly taken with any of them. Of the 10 on my playlist, only one auditionee is male and even he is only there for having a nice voice (Jens Lekman meets Jason Mraz) – he has nothing of the star quality that most of the girls in my playlist possess.

All 10 are exciting in their own right, but I especially urge you to watch my early favourites, Malin, Alice, Madeleine and Freja. If a girl with such charm and talent appeared on X Factor the world would be going crazy over her, but on Idol there are so many girls like this they don’t even have a guaranteed place in the live rounds!

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  1. Hm, from the first sight I wasn’t convinced watching her among other contestants performances but now I actually see that girl is really talented and flexible to genres, just needs a little styling.

  2. I’m going to have to catch up with Idol pretty soonish. are they on the live shows yet? X Factor is so lacklustre this year. It’s so difficult to write so much good stuff about it!! Easy to write the snarky commentary though so that’s a blessing 😛

  3. They’re at the same stage as X Factor, just had a few of the first audition rounds, but they’ll be moving on quite quickly to the boot camp stage. They usually start the live rounds around the same time as X Factor.

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