High School TV Series

So, I was brave and watched the first episode of Britannia High. The prospects weren’t good: It’s on ITV, and the premise seemed very familiar. Anyone remember I Dream? Anyone remember what happened to S Club 8 after I Dream? Exactly. However, there’s nothing I like more than a teen drama interspersed with singing and dancing and very big smiles, so I had to give it a chance. I’m glad I did, because I actually loved it! Here’s why:

– It began with a super-poptastic opening sequence, as all the main characters performed the song Start of Something.

– There are many minor stars to spot, such as Marcquelle and Rana from DanceX, and Maxxie from Skins, who has silly hair and likes girls, while another guy confuses us all by looking just like Maxxie from Skins!

– There’s a great soundtrack, from Beware of the Dog to Robyn’s Who’s That Girl.

– Jokes about Hairspray, S Club 7 and ABBA!

– The main female characters sing a brilliant duet (Watch This Space), and the song at the end is pretty good too (Best of Me).

– The songs are written by various boyband members, including Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, James Bourne and… Steve from BBMak!

– Adam Garcia is in it!

– ADAM GARCIA!!!! (He’s not as cute these days, though)

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