The European Invasion of 2008 continues!

I’d seen them on the release schedule, but I never believe it until I see the videos on TV. Now I have, so we can officially celebrate and jubilate: E-Type and Blue Lagoon are coming to the UK! First, a quick crash course for the uninitiated (where have you been?)…

E-Type – True Believer
One of the very best singles of 2007, and joint best dance track with With Every Heartbeat, True Believer is an absolute belter, a feel-good sing-along like no other. E-Type (who you can scroll down to see a picture of, but you may prefer not to) has been around for over a decade, churning out ace yet ridiculous dance-pop songs in the archetypical Eurodance style. There is nothing you can do but dance crazily and sing along at the top of your voice. This could be massive, but only if enough people get to hear it. Even the most ‘serious’ music fans among my friends can see its amazingness, so I think True Believer has a good chance of being the novelty hit of 2008 in the UK.

Blue Lagoon – Break My Stride
Admittedly Euro-reggae-pop is a rather acquired taste, but I’ve definitely acquired it, and Blue Lagoon are the best in the business. My favourites of theirs are Now That We Found Love and Isle of Paradise, but Break My Stride is pretty great nonetheless. As you can probably guess, they’re mostly known for cover versions, and luckily they’ve covered songs which were quite cheesy in the first place, avoiding the stupid muso complaints covers often receive. There’s no excuse to be miserable, just enjoy this burst of sunshine and try not to notice the aimilarities to Shaggy.

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