Wake me up when September gets a new song out

Cry For You has been out for ages now and has been a deservedly huge hit, but still there is no official word on what will be the next single. However, I just read a very disturbing rumour, that it is going to be a brand new song. On one hand it is exciting to think of new material from Petra, but we must not forget the travesty of Infernal. Did they release Cheap Trick Kinda Girl? No. Did they release Fairytales? No. They didn’t even release Keen On Disco, the follow-up to Paris To Berlin in Denmark. Instead they went with a random cover, followed by several mediocre songs that would never have been more than average album tracks if I’d had any say in the matter. So this is a call out to September: Don’t ruin your career by trying to tailor yourself to the UK market, when you already have 3 albums worth of excellent pop music. The UK charts need you, don’t let us down now!

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