The Next Big Thing?

LadyhawkeI don’t know much of New Zealandian(??) pop music but I’m intrigued now I’ve heard a few songs by Ladyhawke. Her real name is Pip Brown, and she’s going for an 80s electro sound. The music isn’t pure pop but it’s got some catchy elements and her voice is easier to listen to than a… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?


I just discovered this performance of one of Jens Lekman’s b-sides, and the subject is one I’m rather familiar with: NRJ Radio! It’s a station in Sweden which plays pop, r’n’b and dance music, very much aimed at teenagers. It’s mainly American music which they play, but you can often hear the latest Swedish hits… Continue reading Intertextuality!

International Video Challenge

Representing Moldova: Crazy Loop – Crazy LoopThis is the new alter-ego of Dan Bălan, ex-member of the Moldovan trio O-Zone (singers of Dragostea Din Tei), and it’s as loopy as it’s title suggests. Just try singing along to the chorus! He’s practically yodelling. With a breakthrough single like theirs, the O-Zone boys have had a… Continue reading International Video Challenge

DP Top 10: Remixes

I’ve recently become obsessed with the Jason Nevins remix of Jordin Spark’s first single Tattoo (anything to distract me from playing No Air on repeat!) and this has led me to rediscover many more of my all-time favourite remixes. Now I’ve made a top 10 and uploaded them into my new Dirrrty Pop muxtape for… Continue reading DP Top 10: Remixes