Je t’adore and I can’t conceal it

I have found myself making some rather strange listening choices of late. Either my tastes are having a bad patch, or these songs are actually good. I’ll let you decide…

Mitchell Brothers vs. Calvin Harris – Michael Jackson (Listen)
I’ve never liked a song by either of these acts before. I actually find Calvin tremendously overrated and annoying (electropop can be SO much better), and all I remember about the Mitchell Brothers is that they’re not off Eastenders and they once sang a song about Lemar, but it wasn’t called Lemar From Afar. However, this is extremely great. I liked it so much when I first heard it on the radio that I looked it up online and listened twice more immediately afterwards!

Milburn – When The Money Goes (Watch)
This lot are just known to me, and most people I suspect, as “Arctic Monkeys’ mates”, but I actually like this better than all the Arctic songs, unless you count the amazing dance cover of I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor which will never be surpassed in aceness by any song with guitars in it. This is really catchy, though, and has a bit of mum-appeal and well as brother-appeal. Not that I have a brother, but if I had one he might be embarrassed to find he likes this as much as his mum does.

P.S. Do you like my new pictures around the logo? First to name all the featured artist wins… well, nothing, but do it anyway!

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