What? What? WHAT?!?!

Making Your Mind Up is always a bit of a farce, and I have come to expect to be completely embarrassed by my nationality on Eurovision night, but in the stakes of shambolicness this really takes the biscuit! Yes, Scooch once did a good song, but this was not it. I will be accused of… Continue reading What? What? WHAT?!?!

The Next Big Thing?

Ross Copperman (MySpace)Apparently his song As I Choke was a huge hit on iTunes but I didn’t recognise his name at all, and only vaguely recognised the song, recalling seeing its video at some point on a music channel. He’s American but targetting the UK market first, and hoping to be a 1-man Coldplay… well… Continue reading The Next Big Thing?

I actually quite like this!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkoU3lJymj4] It’s the completely crazy Ukranian entry for Eurovision, Danzing by Verka Serduchka. Kiev 2008? Maybe not, but I bet it will get some votes from the UK.


The Ark to Helsinki!!!! I somehow don’t think I will be quite so excited next weekend when the UK result is announced, so I’m making the most of this good news. The Ark are one of my actual favourite bands, Swedish or otherwise, so it’s really exciting for them to be in Eurovision, even though… Continue reading YAY!

Ace news!

The fab girl group Shut Up Stella, who I first wrote about last August, have just finished working with Xenomania! They’re American but came over to the UK especially to work with Brian, Miranda and co. in Kent, and they wrote all about it on their MySpace blog.

New Pop On The Block

Fountains of Wayne – Someone To Love (Listen)I’m sure you remember their previous hit, Stacey’s Mom, which although not the classiest of subjects was certainly a catchy and cheer-enducing tune. While I recall being unimpressed by whatever they chose to be its follow-up (I vaguely remember a video set on a boat), I am quite… Continue reading New Pop On The Block