The Next Big Thing?

Ross Copperman (MySpace)
Apparently his song As I Choke was a huge hit on iTunes but I didn’t recognise his name at all, and only vaguely recognised the song, recalling seeing its video at some point on a music channel. He’s American but targetting the UK market first, and hoping to be a 1-man Coldplay… well I think he’s most likely to be a 1-man Kubb, but I guess they did have a few minor hits so perhaps there are worse things to be. I didn’t think much of As I Choke but All She Wrote and Shout are better, the latter having some great “nanana”s at the end making it quite anthemic. Found You is more delicate and actually a bit lovely, although it could easily be done by The Fray, which will put off quite a lot of you I suspect.
Hit Potential: 75% Poptasticness: 68%

Tiny Dancers (MySpace)
Their single I Will Wait For You is one of the jolliest around at the moment, appealing to fans of The Magic Numbers or Zutons but so far not getting me quite so annoyed as the latter particularly seem to. It’s not going to be on my top singles list at the end of the year but it’s something cheery to sing along to in the car and your mum will probably like it, which is handy with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend. If you like the Elton John song they’re named after you’ll probably enjoy this too, but if you’re expecting variety don’t bother with the album, which from their MySpace seems to be a dozen more of the same.
Hit Potential: 86% Poptasticness: 77%

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