New Pop On The Block

Fountains of Wayne – Someone To Love (Listen)
I’m sure you remember their previous hit, Stacey’s Mom, which although not the classiest of subjects was certainly a catchy and cheer-enducing tune. While I recall being unimpressed by whatever they chose to be its follow-up (I vaguely remember a video set on a boat), I am quite enjoying this new song. This time the story is of two people named Seth and Beth, an obvious romantic pairing but the ending is ambiguous – I’ll leave you to decide whether or not they get together. The chorus is really nice and hopeful and I love the backing “ah-ah”s that follow it. Very very cute, but I don’t think any pop fan will find it sickly (certainly not with its unconventional ending lyrically), they’ll just be bopping along and thinking nice positive thoughts – who doesn’t want that?
87% Poptastic!

Bobby – Another Day (Listen)
Those of you who loved Lorraine should give this one a listen, as it’s quite similar to their style and Bobby are also a Scandinavian synth-pop group of stylish young men, although Swedish rather than Norwegian and a duo rather than a trio. They have some lovely songs on their MySpace, such as Come Crashing In, which really reminds me of Universal Poplab. There are quite a few similar acts already, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Bobby as they have the potential to make some really great music.
77% Poptastic!

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