What? What? WHAT?!?!

Making Your Mind Up is always a bit of a farce, and I have come to expect to be completely embarrassed by my nationality on Eurovision night, but in the stakes of shambolicness this really takes the biscuit! Yes, Scooch once did a good song, but this was not it. I will be accused of taking Eurovision too seriously (although I am really quite relaxed about it compared to the average person from Malta) but I actually find Scooch’s entry offensive. Only people who’ve never watched Eurovision would think this is what Eurovision is all about.

Scooch, when they were originally in the charts, were a Steps rip-off and they only had one song (For Sure) which was as good as Steps, but it was proper pop music. Now, maybe it’s just cos Russ was in a ‘girl’band with one of the members, they’ve turned into a new version of the Fast Food Rockers, another band I found completely insulting as a pop fan. The music sounds like pop but it is not typical of pop music today, it is so dated and stupid – even cheesy pop music today can be intelligent, such as BWO and Mika and Scissor Sisters. That is modern pop, and this is simply not deserving of the term but of course uneducated yet unreasonably influential people will say “Isn’t it great to have a proper pop band representing the UK?” and I will cringe and think “If only there was“.

Hopefully, there will be an announcement tomorrow morning that it wasn’t just Terry originally saying Cyndi had won that was a mistake, but the entire evening and everyone involved in it, so we’ll have a restaging next week where Alcazar reform and the audience vote between songs written for them by Xenomania and the Pet Shop Boys.

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