The Music Of My *Heart*

Something Old: Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels) (Watch)
While everyone else is busy raving about their new album, I finally decided to obtain their previous effort, and see if I could be persuaded to like anything on it apart from Rebellion (Lies), which we all already know is a legendary track of aceness. The attempt didn’t go too well as I still can’t tell most of the songs apart, but I did find myself warming to the first song on the CD. There is something very appealing about the line, “I’ll dig a tunnel, from my window to yours”, as much sonically as lyrically.

Something New: Ghosts – Stay The Night (Watch)
I liked this song from the first listen but then I saw them perform it on Popworld this morning and in that magical way that sometimes randomly happens, it suddenly grew from a nice song to a completely lovely one. There are two lines that really grabbed me: “If it’s a question of timing, I’ll wait” and “I think of you and my heart beats a little louder”. They don’t look so impressive written down, but listen out for them and you too may soon be in love with this lovely song.

Something Borrowed: Les Fatals Picards – L’Amour À La Française (Watch)
This year’s French Eurovision entry has completely taken me by surprise. The one country dependable to always have a more rubbish entry than us has for once come up with one of the best in the competition! It’s even something I would listen to in real life, out of the Eurovision context, actually one of the best pop songs to come out of France in ages. Definitely not nil points.

Something Blue: Mika – Love Today (Watch)
OK so I’m just using this last category as an excuse to post what I want, but the video does have a fair amount of blue in it. It reminds me of the Killers’ Somebody Told Me video at times, but Mika adds great hair, great dancing and some excellent jackets! He was totally spoilt for choice when picking a follow-up to Grace Kelly, but I think he’s made a perfect decision with this one. Again it is bursting with joy and excitement and insanely catchy. I love it and any pop fan who hasn’t bought Mika’s album by now will certainly want to when they hear this.

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