BWO must have been reading my blog, since they have pencilled in the release of their new album for the very month I will be arriving in Sweden and living there for the next 3 and a half months! The first single is a cover of an Alcazar song (Save My Pride, which was a hidden track on Alcazarised, hence I’m not quite sure how to make an MP3 of it), but revamped and I trust Alexander to make it amazing. That’s out in May, with another single in August and the album in September! They are also supposed to release Chariots of Fire in the UK but hopefully they won’t waste too much on promoting it, because it won’t be a success and as much as I love them I really don’t want it to be. The UK just don’t deserve such wonderful genius and will not appreciate it, although a few gigs in London some time between now and September would be amazing, thanks!

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