You gotta slow it down baby, just get out of myspace!

Because my dissection of the Last FM charts last month just wasn’t depressed enough, I have decided to delve into the Myspace ‘Top Artists’ section. I picked out the artists who looked most interesting from their photos, so sere’s what I found: Plain White Ts These guys leaped out from the page for the simple… Continue reading You gotta slow it down baby, just get out of myspace!

Is Norway the new Sweden?

I may have given up on reviewing the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix out of utter boredom (leave a comment if you want me to review the final) but I will not be giving up on Norwegian pop any time soon. It may be their Swedish neighbours who are known for their pop supremity, but increasingly… Continue reading Is Norway the new Sweden?

I’ve had an epiphany!

Will Young has been abducted by aliens! It is the only way to explain his increasingly strange and un-Will-like behaviour. I have pin-pointed the exact time it happened as well. It was towards the beginning of 2004, during the promotion of Your Game. It was when Will went to Australia to film the YG video… Continue reading I’ve had an epiphany!

The Ch!pz Are Down

Looking at the German top 10 singles just now I was very surprised to see the song 1001 Arabian Nights by Ch!pz – a song I posted on Into The Groove in May last year and had on my mp3 player for quite a while before that. Surely it doesn’t take 15 months for a… Continue reading The Ch!pz Are Down

Everyone wants it their way

After Richard Ashcroft and Westlife, yet another terrible musical act are plagiarising the Backstreet Boys. It wasn’t even me who noticed it first this time. Edit: Having now bravely listened to the song, it doesn’t really sound like IWITW at all. Phew!

Smash Hits TV must be feeling the strain of their traumatic week

Because earlier today they broadcast a programme called Top 20 Bad Boybands, and they broke the trade descriptions act by including Phixx, Triple 8, V, Ultra, Point Break, O-Town, 911, O-Zone – in fact the only actually bad boybands included were Blazin’ Squad and the Noise Next Door. It was the best programme I’ve seen… Continue reading Smash Hits TV must be feeling the strain of their traumatic week

New Pop On The Block

The Like – June Gloom (Video)I loved their last single, What I Say and What I Mean, a fabulous fusion of pop and rock, but this new one is as gloomy as it’s title suggests. If What I Say… had been their one off rocky single, they’d be an amazing band, yet it seems it… Continue reading New Pop On The Block

Everything Changes But Me

In mourning of Smash Hits I went rifling in my cupboard for SH related things and found the Smash Hist yearbook of 2002. The book was actually about 2001 and everything that happened in it. Only a few months later I stopped buying Smash Hits altogether, but not without good reason (it was around the… Continue reading Everything Changes But Me