American Idol – my top 12

After watching the first round of the American Idol live shows, here is who I would like to make it eventually to the top 12:


Will Makar
Super-cute and lovely, the best of the teenage boys.

Taylor Hicks
The weirdest of all but clearly very talented.

Ace Young
How could he not get through with a name like that!

Chris Daughtry
He’s a rocker but he does it well – this year’s Bo?

Kevin Covais
He resembles my 6 year old cousin, but he really is sweet and a fairly good singer.

Elliott Yamin
Looks like a criminal but is one of the best singers.


Paris Bennett
This girl is the one to beat in singing and cuteness.

A voice as big as her bum!

Lisa Tucker
Little girl, big voice.

Kellie Pickler
She has to stay just for her fab hillbilly accent.

Kinnik Sky
Very underrated this week.

Katharine McPhee
A good singer with a nice bubbly personality

And finally, here is my favourite bit of American Idol – the always hilarious and brilliant group song!

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