Top 10 Weirdest Moments of The Brit Awards 2006

1. Jack Johnson fainting on the ITV2 show
2. James Blunt winning Best Pop despite the only similarity between him and a pop act is supposed cool people hating him
3. Chris Evans (AKA Worst Presenter of All Time) announcing “here’s Prince”, Prince coming on to sing 4 songs (despite having no hits this year) and actually being probably the best performance despite me never having liked any of his songs.
4. Coldplay performing a random album track, despite having the apparent best single of the year under their belts, while Chris Martin flailed aroudn the stage appearing to be immensely drunk.
5. Thingy from Hard-Fi suddenly turning into David Walliams.
6. Jack Johnson winning an award. A whole country of ITV1 viewers asks “WHO?”
7. The Arctic Monkeys sprouting an extra member who is American, can pronounce discombobulated and has more charisma than the actual Monkeys combined.
8. Blunty performing in front of a huge video of himself swimming in not many clothes. Anything to distract from the crap song, I suppose.
9. Kelly C performing Since U Been Gone – does she want everyone to know she can’t sing? I don’t think there was a single note in tune!
10. James Blunt.

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