International Video Challenge

Representing Norway: Marion Raven – Here I Am
The second solo single for ex-M2M member Marion Raven, and it’s another piece of almost-brilliance. Marion worked with pop genius Max Martin on her debut solo album and was apparently the test-project for his new rockier sound, which has been a success for Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys and others. Her songs are quite good, as you would expect, but she doesn’t have a Since U Been Gone or Just Want You To Know or even a Behind These Hazel Eyes in her possession, and I think she’ll need something a bit more exciting to get her noticed. She is a fantastic singer, though, as I can attest from seeing her briefly live this summer.

Representing Mexico: Frankie J – More Than Words
Mr J is quickly establishing himself as a Latino one-man Westlife, as he’s releasing another cover version, of a song than the ‘Life have even recorded themselves (not that there are many left that they havent’t). I have only heard the Westlife version once, but I’m sure it was pretty bad, yet I’m also sure this is worse, and even more dull. How can this guy be popular in America? He’s not even good-looking…

Representing Australia: The Veronicas – 4ever
I posted this song on Into The Groove a while ago, and another track off the ir album earlier this week, but this was my first glimpse of their video. They are a pretty young sister duo who sing energetic pop-rock, and this track is also written by the aforementioned Max Martin, and is possibly my favourite of his rockier songs. The video just shows the girls messing around in various places, with matching bright red lipstick and beaded necklaces. They’re already huge in Australia and I think they’ve got a great chance of UK success, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Representing Sweden: Andreas Johnson – Show Me XXXX
Yep, it’s “that” Andreas Johnson, the one who sang Glorious a few years ago. He’s back with a new single which seems to be doing rather well in Sweden, but although it has grown on me, it’s nowhere near as good. The XXXX stands for “love” by the way, nothing rude or anything.

Representing India: Bombay Rockers – Wild Rose
Despite their name, this duo are not very rock’n’roll. This song sounds most like something Craig David would do, and they have recently supported Westlife on tour. Not a great start to their career, but the song is nice enough, just not interesting enough to make much of an impression on me, and I doubt they’ll be making an impression on many other people either.

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