The Best Is Yet To Come

Only 2 more months of 2005 to go, so lets have a look at what aceness we have yet to enjoy:

October 31

Darren Hayes – So Beautiful
Hooray! Darren is back, and the song is as beautiful as the title suggests. If you want more of the sound of his last album, you may be disappointed, but Savage Garden fans will love it, and that’s what’s most important as this single is promoting the SG greatest hits.

Dear Eskiimo – Be Patient
I thought this ace 3-piece had fallen down the dumper after I heard nothing of them in the several months since our MTV-based introduction, so I was surprised but very pleased to see them popping up on the Popjustice homepage and even releasing a single, of sorts, so soon! If you like quirky pop music, you should definitely give this group a try.

Jamie Lidell – Multiply
I thought this had been released already but perhaps not. As anyone who saw him on Jools Holland recently will agree, this guy is an incredible singer and his voice totally doesn’t match his body. His album as a whole isn’t poppy enough for my liking but he deserves to do really well and I think he’s in with a good chance.

Patrick Wolf – Tristan
By far Patrick’s best song, with an ace video as well. If, like me, you find his usual sound a bit difficult to get into, you must hear this one cos it’s about as fun, unusual and exciting as you can get.

November 7

Backini – Victoria Falls [7” only]
This is a very odd song, but I’ve decided I like it. It reminds me a bit of Black Box Recorder, except the speaking is done by an electronic voice, like you get on the speaking clock or whatever. The climax of the chorus is, appropriately, “I have no time for talking, because I’m in love with Stephen Hawking”. Very eccentric, very funny and far too cool for this web site.

Bananarama – Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)
This should have been their comeback single instead of Move In My Direction, because it’s way better. The comeback may not have been hugely successful, but the music they’re making is perfect for them. They’re like Girls Aloud’s older sisters, or at least their cool young aunts, and the music is great, but just a bit more laid-back, mature and comfortable with itself, despite not being quite what the taste-challenged youth of today is looking for.

Madonna – Hung Up
I’ve spoken about this song several times recently, so I have nothing to add, except hooray for Madonna and I can’t wait for the album!

November 14

Frank Popp Ensemble – Love Is On Our Side
I posted a song by this retro-fabulous lot on ITG a short while ago, but I had no idea they had a new single on the way. It’s quite similar to Hip Teens, the song I posted, but just as good. This is probably (or certainly will be) on an advert, as most of their songs have been, so listen out for it.

Girls Aloud – Biology
Most people seem to be calling this a grower but I’m pleased to say it only took me one listen to *heart* it. Either that means I know a good song instinctively, or I’m just less fussy than everyone else!

The Like – What I Say And What I Mean
A very similar story to Dear Eskiimo here – I heard of them a long time ago (in this case several years!) and had forgotten entirely about them until they were mentioned on Pop Text and later that day I saw their video on TV! This is a really good song, much better than the one I downloaded ages ago (and must have deleted, cos I can’t find it now).

Modern – Jane Falls Down
I wrote about this song’s video here a few weeks ago, and they’re a really good band so I’m looking forward to hearing more about them, as I believe this is their first CD single release. Hopefully it will lead to many more!

Will Young – Switch It On
It’s Will, I don’t need to explain his presence here. Can’t wait for the album, still loving this song and video – just a general YAY!

November 28

Tina Cousins – Wonderful Life
I am still annoyed at this new version being far inferior to the one she released in Australia, but I guess I should be pleased that it’s being released at all, and seems to be doing fairly well on the music channels. Dare I suggest it might be a hit?

December 5

Jo O Meara – Ease Your Pain
Another ballad, not as good as What Hurts The Most, but I still think she is properly ace and deserves to do well, so I’m hoping this will grow on me or that I’m the only one who thinks it’s boring.

December 12

Girls Aloud – See The Day
2 Aloud singles in less than a month? They’re spoiling us! I’m a bit dubious about this cover, though, as the original (posted on Into The Groove) is very good but nothing like GA’s usual sound and not very Christmassy either. Still, I won’t knock it ’til I’ve heard it!

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