Woah! I’ve just heard the full version of Switch It On and I’m even more excited about it than I was before – it is absolutely amazingly brilliant and fantastic! Definitely the best thing he has done yet, and that means a lot coming from such a big fan as me. You know it’s going to be “Will this” and “Will that” non-stop on this blog for the rest of the year now, so if you don’t like him you might want to stay away. There’s no way anyone who likes any of the music I post about on this web site could possibly not like this song, though. One very interesting thing I noticed was the lyric “Mr Fabulous don’t impress me” – yes that’s right, “MR!” This is the first time Will has alluded to his boy-loving in a song, and I’m pleased that he at last feels he can do that. What with his new trendy musical style and his acting role (playing a gay actor in a musical involving rather a lot of nakedness!!), it looks like Will is about to be a total megastar! In fact, since Robbie’s new single is a bit rubbish, he may just want to start plotting Will’s murder if he wants to keep his job as the top UK male popstar.

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