Helpless Fool For Pop

This week is an absolutely mega-ace one not only for new Will songs but also for new single releases, with some of the best songs of the whole year being released. So in order of aceness:

Andy Bell – Crazy
I’ve probably gone on about this song enough already but considering it’s not even being sold in Woolworths I think it deserves another plug. Get yourself to a proper record store and buy your copy now, especially if you haven’t heard this song or don’t think you like Erasure or Mr Bell. You’ll soon change your mind!

t.A.T.u – All About Us
Another band I’ve gone on about a lot already but deserve every mention! This is being sold in Woolies, but whether anyone who buys music from Woolies would buy it (unless it’s the only place to buy music in their town) will buy it is unlikely. However, it should be in the rules of the world that every single person should buy at least the album, and people who can’t afford it will get one free just cos I’m so generous, and they probably need a bit of cheering up.

Alexis Strum – Bad Haircut
This has been plugged more by Popjustice than me, but it was reading her blog on PJ which made me love her all the more. She is so funny and articulate and seems entirely in control of her career. She really deserves success and this song is a real grower so you should definitely give her a chance.

Jo O’Meara – What Hurts The Most
Jo is acetastic, as proved by the feature on her on this week’s Popworld, which was one of the most hilarious in ages (although that could have had more to do with Simon’s random trouser-dropping). The song is another grower, as all the good ballads are, and anyone who saw it’s rubbish reviews on Stylus (apart from my glowing one) should ignore them as they are entirely wrong and she and her song are fab.

Annie – Helpless Fool For Love/Always Too Late
Like every sane person, I love Annie to bits, but I’m not at all sure why she’s releasing these 2 songs. I wish she would do a proper single, namely Me Plus One, and make a video for it, because however low budget I am sure it would still be the best thing ever.

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