The 76th Sign Of Boredom

is posting anagrams on your blog. Here are some for you to unscramble: Bands: 1. Chocos 2. Nanosh 3. Clazara 4. Hamoops 5. 1a Songs: 1. Wig Much Gen 2. Slim Ogres 3. Row The Seds 4. He Not Need El Putti 5. Do A Brats Good luck!

Who wants to wait til February?

Not me! Let’s have the Brits now! It’s actually a very good year for nominations with Will, Maroon 5, Scissor Sisters and Snow Patrol getting several each, GA and Gwen Stefani making their first appearances, plus ace people like Natasha Bedingfield, Jamelia, Franz Ferdinand, the Killers, Lemar and Kylie. In fact, I’d say this is… Continue reading Who wants to wait til February?

Video Killed The Radio Star

In a new and exciting twist, you can now click on the song titles to either watch the video or find out more about the artist. Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo I really loved her download-only single Kim Wilde from last year and was very pleasantly surprised by the ace direction she had taken, especially after… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Video Killed The Radio Star

Deeyah – Plan Of My Own Deeyah (No, not Deetah!) has been threatening to invade the UK charts for a while now and I’ve often seen posters for her playing small urban gigs in Reading (especially random since she’s Norwegian), but her single has finally landed on The Box this week. It’s basically a typical… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star

Big In 2005?

Here are my predictions for who will be the big breakthrough bands and singers in 2005: Thirteen Senses: I first heard this band on Radio 1 one evening early last year whilst trying to avoid something terrible on Core Control. I liked the singer but the song didn’t seem strong enough and I thought the… Continue reading Big In 2005?