Video Killed The Radio Star

In a new and exciting twist, you can now click on the song titles to either watch the video or find out more about the artist.

Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo

I really loved her download-only single Kim Wilde from last year and was very pleasantly surprised by the ace direction she had taken, especially after the general horror of most of Ash’s music. I was less impressed with her single Summer and another track, Paragon, that I heard from her album, so I had presumed that she was a one good song wonder. However, this new single proves me wrong as it is not only as ace as Kim Wilde (the song and the person!), it also has a brilliant video. The concept is flicking through the pages of the Charly (short for Charlotte of course) Annual, with each page being linked to the song. There’s a problem page, crossword, colour-in dolls and even a photo story starring Charlotte and David Walliams, of all people, as the subject of the song, her boyfriend Antonio! Also in the video are her celebrity pals and comedy greats, Julia Davis (Love Actually), Simon Pegg (Shawn of the Dead), Lucy Davis (The Office) and Lauren Laverne (you better know who she is!). It is quite genius, as you can imagine.

95% Poptastic!

Jennifer Lopez – Get Right

Jennifer (as she now wants to be called – no more J-Lo!) tries out several different styles for the various roles she plays in this video, including a short blonde wig which suits her surprisingly well. There is one part which looks way too much like the Lose My Breath video and it is quite unoriginal in general. I still think she should go back to the latino-pop she’s best at – Waiting For Tonight and Let’s Get Loud were pure brilliance!

53% Poptastic!

Athlete – Wires

I’m slightly confused by why this seems to be doing so well – it’s already getting loads of play on The Box and was chosen to play instead of the strangely unavailable Elvis at the end of this morning’s CD:UK. It’s a nice indie song by an innofensive and occasionally fun song, but neither the song, band or video could be much further from ground-breaking or exciting. The excitement over their comeback is equally confusing – they were never that important when they were around before and the same thing goes for the Doves, whose very dull new single is getting loads of hype on Radio 1. It’s a bit like with Embrace last year, except the reason for their sudden importance was the Coldplay link. Am I missing something?

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