Video Killed The Radio Star

Darius – Kinda Love

This is actually rather catchy and would be reasonably likeable was it not sung by Darius. I won’t bother saying what is wrong with Darius cos a) it would take forever and b) you can work it out, if you have any taste at all. The other problem with this song is the lyrics, which are terrible.

30% Poptastic!

Rachel Stevens – More, More, More

I have no idea why Rachel is releasing this. It’s not the worst song I’ve ever heard but it’s not LA Ex or Some Girls either. Yes it’s the Sky football theme tune but that doesn’t mean it has to be released. You would think after the disaster of the single Funky Dory, Rachel would know that a strong single needs to be followed by something equally as good. This may not be quite as big a flop but it certainly won’t be next year’s Popjustice Prize winner. Perhaps Worst Video Of 2004…

56% Poptastic!

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