A-Z Of Reality TV Pop

Since I enjoyed the Europop A-Z so much, I thought it would be fun to do an A-Z of another area of the pop world I know a lot about. So to celebrate the return of reality TV pop to our screens, even if it’s in the form of Matt OTV and some of Six auditioning for X Factor, here is the A-Z Of Reality TV Pop:


Alex Janosz

Who? The crazy little blonde girl from World Idol who told her own judge “I HATE you!”

From: Polish Idol

Best song: I’m Still Alive

Alex Parks

Who? The FA-winning teenage lesbian with the big voice.

From: Fame Academy (UK)

Best song: Tainted Love

Alistair Griffin

Who? The lovely Granny-pleaser beaten to the FA title by the above.

From: Fame Academy (UK)

Best song: Painkiller


Who? Member of girlband Excellence gone solo, thanking Spiderman for her minor success in the UK.

From: Popstars (Sweden)

Best song: Cuz I Can


Who? Girl group from one the first Popstars shows, released one flop single, Poison, in the UK. ‘Borrowed’ Jennifer Paige’s These Days and Kelle Bryan’s Higher Than Heaven for their album.

From: Popstars (Australia)

Best song: These Days


Who? Very ace winner of 2 series of the hugely popular Idol show in Holland.

From: Idol (Netherlands)

Best song: When You Think Of Me


Who? Girls Aloud’s dull leftovers desperate to be the new All Saints or Sugababes. Now down to 3 as their only interesting member has left.

From: Popstars: The Rivals

Best song: Sprung

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