A-Z of Reality TV Pop Ctd.


Who? Original Popstars clown who with a bit of luck (or he might have just bought Rik Waller a doughnut, who knows?) and a makeover found himself in the Pop Idol final 3 and soon topping the charts.

From: Popstars/Pop Idol (UK)

Best song: Kinda Love

David Sneddon

Who? ‘Cheeky’ Scottish Fame Academy winner, who charmed the public with his songwriting skills and the looks of a 12-year-old.

From: Fame Academy (UK)

Best song: All My Life


Who? Swedish Popstars group, the origin of Ana Johnsson.

From: Popstars (Sweden)

Best song: We Can Dance


Who? Fabulous yet slightly Minnie Mouse-esque winner of American Idol 3.

From: American Idol 3

Best song: Summertime

Girls Aloud

Who? Popstars winners who went on to become the best girl group of the 00s so far!

From: Popstars: The Rivals

Best song: No Good Advice

Guy Sebastian

Who? High-pitched Oz Idol whose version of What A Wonderful World was loved by the judges but not the viewers.

From: So Oz As Idol

Best song: Crazy In Love

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