Music Plasma

This site is not half as clever as it thinks it is. You go to the front page and it asks you to type your favourite singer, so I type Will Young obviously. A kind of map pops up with Will in the middle surrounded with colourful dots with other pop stars names on. So who are Music Plasma suggesting I try, you ask? Well, there’s Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Ruben and Clay, Gareth and bizarrely Stephen Gately which then leads us into Westlife, Ronan and A1 territory. Somehow we get from there to JC Chasez, NSync, Britney and Xtina. It takes me several zooms out to find Savage Garden and Darren Hayes, passing Daniel Bedingfield and Olivia Newton-John on the way. What a clever invention – not! How is this going to help people find new artists if the only people present are either too well known to not know already or long gone down the dumper? It also seems that they think Kelly and Clay are bigger than Will, and Stephen Gately equal to him. Gosh, they’ve done their research haven’t they?

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