Video Killed The Radio Star

VS – Love You Like Mad

This reminds me of a video that was played a bit on The Box last year by a terrible pop band named Bless’d. VS are straight out of the 90s but even then they wouldn’t have done well. This song is barely b-side material, in fact it’s not even as good as a D-side b-side! I look forward to seeing this lot fall sharply down the dumper, particularly the one that looks like Nikk Phixx with awful teeth and a jacket last seen on a member of NKOTB!

(no hearts!)

Fya ft. Smujji – It Must Be Love

Fya are a girlband similar to Mis-teeq or the Big Brovaz girls and this song sounds a lot like the terrible dancehall-lite records that have been popular recently (Particularly Kevin Lyttle, Wayne Wonder) but It Must Be Love is shockingly catchy and, dare I say it, great! This could actually do really well.

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