The Ace Ones Return

Hi Everyone, hope your all well. We’ve been busy filming the video for our next single, LOVE REVOLUTION this week, and wow… it’s totally amazing, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! We had so much fun shooting it, even though we had a really early start and a very late finish on the day. It… Continue reading The Ace Ones Return

New Links

Pop Bytes, Enthusiastic But Mediocre, Simple Pleasures and Music For Torching. I am going to get round to organising them alphabetically at some point. One day.

My Next Big Obsession?

Ben Jelen is my one to watch for 2004, for the following reasons: 1. His name is said “Ben Yellin” 2. His single, Come On, is fantastic. 3. As is the video 4. He is gorgeous, in a slightly unusual but very trendy way, and is the spitting image of the (also musical) boy in… Continue reading My Next Big Obsession?