Radio Killed The Video Star

Recently I’ve been hearing lots of new singles before seeing the videos, so here are my reviews of just a few of them.

Lemar – Another Day

This sounds so much like If You’re Not The One that my Mum actually thought it was when she was out of the room. I wasn’t keen on first listen but when I took time to listen to it properly it’s actually a good song and I think it will be a hit.

76% Poptastic

Christina Milian – Dip It Low

More r’n’b rudeness and less pop sweetness for Christina’s more mature comeback single. I got her debut last year and it’s actually not too bad. The ballads on it are very Disney but there’s some catchy pop/r’n’b on there. This song is a grower and I’m sure the video will be memorable so I expect this to do well.

62% Poptastic

Kylie Minogue – Red Blooded Woman

I wasn’t too bothered about Slow, thinking it was weird at first but getting to like it a bit as I got used to it, but I never loved it. This however is a lot catchier, more fun and has hit written all over it. It’s a little bit rude, yet quite poppy and a slightly different sound to her recent dancey singles. I predict that this will give her album sales a significant boost.

89% Poptastic

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