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Video Killed The Radio Star

Plumb – Real This girl looks like Amber from Clueless. She sounds like Jennifer Paige which means she isn’t terrible but not terribly exciting either. 56% Poptastic! Phixx – Love Revolution I don’t like them so much as vampires! The song is similar to the last one, but not as instantly catchy or brilliant as… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star


Maroon 5 are only number 16 in the midweeks. I was expecting at least top ten! How did this happen? I suppose people are not aware of it enough, but it’s the weakest week for singles in a long long time and they’ve had loads of airplay, a fair bit of video play and were… Continue reading NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Who’s Birthday Is It?

I’ll give you some clues: The first person is posh, gay and the best pop star ever. The second person is the first person’s twin. The third person wrote one of the best songs of last year and used to be in a great pop band. Have you guessed?

Freakishly Fantastic

I wasn’t too botherd about You Freak Me Out when I first heard it, but I finally got round to downloading it the other day and now I can’t stop playing it! My favourite bits are: 1. Woo! 2. If I smile you think I’m doing it to get my way, but if I don’t… Continue reading Freakishly Fantastic

Maroon 5 On TOTP!

There they were, their first UK TV appearance. How exciting! I was a little surprised to see Adam’s hair as I’d forgotten he’d had it cut and I hadn’t seen any pictures of the new do. With that and the shortish black jacket he wore, he could have been mistaken for Mr JT himself. The… Continue reading Maroon 5 On TOTP!

AI3 News!

This looks like fun. The official site has clips. I can’t see anything as my computer doesn’t mix well with these things, so if any of you can see them please tell me what you see! Adverts have been showing on ITV2 but I haven’t been lucky enough to catch more than the last second… Continue reading AI3 News!