First Listen: Alistair Griffin – Bring It On

Bring It On

This is good but I know he can write better and so does he. He wasn’t going to sing this in the songwriting competition (the teachers told him to) and he was surprised when he was given it to sing on the final. Still it’s been a big enough hit and it’s hardly terrible!


Absolutely love this one! An instant favourite. Really catchy, poppy and 100% ace and lovely. This would be a good single for the future.


This was a FA favourite, but I preferred it when it was slow at the start and the word ‘laid’ hadn’t been replaced by the less exciting ‘lost’. There is one bit where he wants to buy my butt or something? Ooh middle 8! This is weird but kinda fun. I wouldn;t exactly call Alistair a ‘wide boy’ though. Maybe I have misunderstood the lyrics (again!).

You And Me (Tonight)

I know Alistair isn’t that keen on this one, but it is quite lovely. On the original recording he sounded like Ronan (and there was no (Tonight)) but here it’s normal Alistair, thank goodness. I really like this actually. Sorry Al! My Mum just came in and told me it’s ‘gorgeous’ which is a real victory as she was an Alex fan – HA!

Hungry For Love

This is the rockiest by far and I think it’ll be a grower. I remember him writing this in the Academy. It’s a little more unusual than his other tracks.

Real World

A slow one but not a pretty ballad like You And Me. Quite mature and I’m predicting this as a future favourite. A little bit rocky and definitely better than the tragic D-side single of the same name.

Feeling Alive

This is another FA memory. Makes me think of when he was winning everything – the glory days! Sounds like When You Say Nothing At All though.

Something About Her

This is nice, a little samey, but nice.

My Lover’s Prayer


Jealous Guy

This was one of Alistair’s very best covers on FA. This recording is very similar to the original but very pleasant.

In Your Smile

James on backing vocals! I can’t hear him much though. This is meant to be the next single so what’s it doing here with all the covers?

Everything I Own

I’m not really a fan of this song but Alistair really suits it and now I like it so, big YAY for Alistair.

Wherever You Will Go

The original was a rare ‘Jessica likes boys singing (sort of) rock’ moment so I’m pleased Alistair’s singing it. It sounds fab too. More royalties to Alex (No not that Alex. No not that one either) and Aaron as this was on the Finalists CD too.

A Heart Can’t Lie

Louise (Jensen Jensen Jensen) is on this song! She helped write it. I can’t hear her. It was the only song written after FA. Hey, this sounds like it’s about Alistair and Louise! “A place where we can hide from this love we both deny…” Maybe maybe!

Overall, I am impressed. Painkiller is probably my favourite, it’s just fab and ace and brilliantly fantastic!

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