Song of the Week: Years & Years – All For You

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Years & Years’ second album campaign didn’t get off to the best start with Sanctify, but I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve released since, and the latest track to be shared is my favourite so far. In fact, All For You is the first song they’ve released that gives me the same joyous rush as King (an obvious choice, but easily their best song in my opinion). Just like King, that uplifting feeling comes from the melody and production of the song, not the lyrics, which actually tell a more nuanced tale. There’s one particular hook which is like sugar to my ears: the first two lines of the chorus, where Olly sings, “You look like you’re so damn scared, I don’t really think you care.” I love how the second half of the phrase is higher pitched, reflecting exactly how someone would say that in the midst of a heated discussion. It manages to be sassy, thoughtful and emotional all in one line. And the rest of the song is great too, of course! All For You is one of three Greg Kurtin-produced tracks on Palo Santo, which is out this Friday. Another of those is Hallelujah, which also has Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels on songwriting credits. Let’s just say, I know what I’ll be hitting play on when midnight strikes.

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