When the DJ spins will it change your mind?

Today’s chart may actually be quite interesting. The number 1 is most likely to still be Westlife, which is of course very depressing, but if we ignore that and concentrate on this week’s only important release, So Beautiful by Darren Hayes, we may be in for a treat. On Tuesday’s midweeks the song sat at no.16, by Wednesday it had risen to 15. Of course this is nowhere near as high as he should be, but it is at least consistent with his past releases and shows what a strong and reliable fanbase he has, as I think by now it’s mostly the same people buying all his singles. The exciting news was that by Thursday he was up to no.13. That means he had gone up 2 places in a day as opposed to the 1 place he rose between Tuesday and Wednesday. By this rule he should have gone up 3 by Friday (no.10), 4 more on Saturday (no.6) and another 5 by today – he’ll be no.1!

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