We so excited!

I just received the most exciting e-mail of the year so far: CAROLINA LIAR ARE BACK!!!! They posted the music video for their new single, the first from album two, online this week. Here it is:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo0qboohM5Q&w=450&h=280]

On first listen it’s not quite Show Me What I’m Looking For levels of amazingness but it’s at least as good as the rest of their debut album, so I’m content. They don’t seem to have changed direction in the slightest, which is good news to me. I absolutely can’t wait for the new album to come out in September! You might wonder quite why I’m so enthusiastic about what seems to be a typical singer-songwritery guitar band, but give their debut album Beautiful World a listen and you’ll understand. Their music is so uplifting and moving and has the warm sing-along energy that almost all other music in their genre lacks. The fact that they work closely with my King of Pop Max Martin certainly contributes to that.

I’ll never understand why Beautiful World wasn’t a huge success, but I’m still wondering when Gavin Degraw’s debut album is going to achieve it’s deserved ten weeks at number one, so I guess when it comes to this kind of music I’m just not in tune with what the consumers want. Still, I think if they all chucked out their Coldplay CDs and made room for Carolina Liar their lives would be much, much better!

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