Alternate Universe Albums: Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renea’s recording career started so well. She put out an EP including the cutest pop song of 2009, I Fell In Love. She then revealed her proper debut single, Dollhouse, and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t wait for her album to be released. Unfortunately when the album actually came along, it was terribly disappointing. There was nothing even half as exciting as the two tracks I’d become obsessed with.

Sadly Priscilla hasn’t so far made her name as an artist, but over the past two years she’s become one of the biggest names in pop songwriting, and deservedly so. She’s provided me with two of my absolute favourite recent pop songs, Promise This by Cheryl Cole and Best Damn Night by Six D. She’s also contributed one of my favourite songs on the brilliant new Selena Gomez album, Bang Bang Bang, as well as the lead single Who Says. And she’s the writer and performer behind the Rihanna/Mario duet demo that really should have been a single, Emergency Room.

Just imagine if all these tracks had been on one artist’s album… well it could have been so for Priscilla! Here’s what it might have sounded like:

1. I Fell In Love
2. Dollhouse
3. Promise This
4. Best Damn Night
5. Emergency Room
6. Bang Bang Bang
7. The Flood
8. Who Says
9. California King Bed
10. Hello My Apple

Pretty good!


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