Video killed the TV star

Who needs TVs these days, when you’ve got computers? The only reason I ever watch is to see the new videos on The Box, and now you don’t even need to do that because you can watch my version, Dirrrty Pop TV! It doesn’t have any adverts or bad songs, you can find out the song title at any time, and you can watch it wherever you go, even if your annoying sibling is hogging the TV.

This way to Dirrrty Pop TV!

There are 44 songs on the playlist at the moment, but I’ll get it up to the full amount possible of 100 as soon as I can. I’m picking mostly songs you won’t have heard of, both new and old, and I think there are lots of treats there for those of you who love pop music and want to make some ace new discoveries. If you have lots of time on your hands at the moment, as I do, you should make your own TV channel and leave the link in the comments.

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