This is what pop music should be about

I was just looking through some new Dutch pop videos, and came across a teenage female singer called Tess. You could say she’s the Dutch answer to Amy Diamond or Jojo. Her song Little Pink Thing, I only watched because of its silly name, but in the end the name was part of why I loved it.


What makes me like this song is precisely the things that most people would use as evidence for it’s rubbishness. And it is rubbish, but delightfully so. It looks like it was made by a girl’s parents as a special birthday treat, and believe it or not this is one of her most professional music videos. Another (First Kiss – in Dutch but still very catchy) shows her dancing on the beach with her very S Club 8-esque friends, two more are just compilations of behind the scenes clips. Watching these videos makes me smile, reminisce about being about 12, and wish pop music in the UK and USA could be as carefree and genuinely jolly as this. The lyrics are hilarious, the video cost about 5p, but still she manages to do something that Hilary Duff will never be able to, to break down the barrier between star and fan and really connect and bring the audience into the music. It also helps that she doesn’t have one of those annoying American accents I mentioned before!

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