Video Killed The Radio Star

Vanessa Brown – Whipped
When I saw this for the first time this morning I presumed that she was a new American artist, yet the lack of results brought up by Google suggests otherwise. All I could find out was that it comes out on the 12th of September. This may be r’n’b but it’s still very good. It’s quite poppy, a bit Motown-ish and lots of fun. It really does sound good and look good for a British r’n’b single – considering how much money is spent on US ‘urban’ stars, it is hard for us to compete but here we have managed it and made a song much better than anything Ashanti is doing. Let’s just hope she actually is British and that this does as well as I think it could.
78% Poptastic!

Jamie Shaw – Different
Yes it is that Jamie Shaw and yes he does look and sound a bit different (well he has facial hair and is going for a post-Busted rock sound), but one thing stays the same: I can’t stand him! He is useless and terribly annoying and just…eugh! Let’s call him the one-boy Noise Next Door and hope he does just as well (ie. not at all) as them.
12% Poptastic!

Tammin Sursock – Pointless Relationship
If Jamie is post-Busted then Tammin is post-Avril, which means she should be just as bad but this is quite bearable, despite her being almost as annoying as him. This may be because it was written by the recently mentioned Marion Raven (ex-M2M member) or just because I was always more of a fan of female wannabe-rockers than the male ones.
57% Poptastic!

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