Video Killed The Radio Star

Jamie Scott – Just

MTV Hits are playing the exclusive of the video by this new young male singer. He is a pretty boy, probably about 19 or 20, with a voice very much like that of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. The single, Just, is sadly not up to much but he could be good with a better song. The video is on a beach with female extras and his band sitting on the sand. He sits a bit and walks around but the video doesn’t really have a story. In fact it is rather rubbish. I’ve heard his name mentioned a few times as a big new star this year but I can’t really see it happening from this single.

Poptasticness out of 10: 6

Mario Winans – Never Really Was

Mario is putting up a good fight for the title of worst artist of the year with this new track. I Don’t Wanna Know was alright compared to some of this years no.1s (Step forward Frankee) but this is just terrible. He obviously thought sampling the backing from Papa Don’t Preach would mean he wouldn’t have to write an actual tune, but the problem here is that he isn’t even singing along to the tune of the sample. It’s like he wrote this song, realised it was rubbish and suddenly thought, “I know! I’ll just sing it over this sample and it will be great!” Wrong!

Poptasticness out of 10: 1

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