This Is Insania

Today’s midweeks bring us another chart disaster as Rachel Stevens fails to join the highly exclusive club for singers of worthy no.1s in 2004. So far it only has 2 members, Britney and McFly – and even McFly are feeling pretty lucky to be there. I am not terribly suprised at the predicted no.1, Lola’s Theme by Shapeshifters, as it’s had huge radioplay for the past month or more and the UK is unable to live without a dance ‘anthem’ at no.1 at least every 2 months these days. However, I am quite shocked at the no.2 and beating the brilliant Some Girls position of Morrissey new single, First Of The Gang To Die. How has he got so high when he is clearly not a singles artist and has 2 albums (current and greatest hits) in the charts at the moment. I think someone typed out the top 3 backwards!

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