Video Killed The Radio Star

Daniel Bedingfield – Nothing Hurts Like Love

There seem to be mixed reactions to this track but I personally really like it. Daniel is a bit of a twat even at the best of times, but I do like his voice and his music, although I’m currently preferring his sister’s album to his own debut. This song gives Daniel lots of chance to show off his voice and as we all know he does love to show off, but he wouldn’t be much of a pop star if he didn’t. The video must have been Daniel’s idea seeing as he gets to give several girls the kiss of life (they’ve been hurt by love, you see) and then they in turn kiss other people until everyone is happy and alive. Hooray!

76% Poptastic!

Calvin & Frankie – Dreaming

I managed to watch most of I Dream this morning and I have to say I loved it. SC8 are my guilty pleasure, after all, and I need to decide on my favourite. At the moment it is Felix who needs to join the band properly right away, although I still think Jay is oddly ace. Anyway, the fact that neither Felix or Jay is involved in this song makes it decidedly un-ace. It seems very unfair that the I Dream lead single has to be this duet between the ‘favourites’ (my least favourites!) when there must be at least one group song better than Dreaming. The lyrics are terrible and it’s general quality is very bad – in fact if it wasn’t for Puppy Love I’d call this the worst thing they’ve done.

57% Poptastic!

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